Monday, March 3, 2014

Nicolas Cage and the Rapture

Just a quick post to note that Nicolas Cage is starring in a reboot of the "Left Behind" movie series, because of course he is.

The Left Behind books were entertaining, although I certainly had significant theological disagreements with them. And the Kirk Cameron movies were just meh, but I gave them an A for effort. With Cage and some other familiar names on board – including Chad Michael Murray and Lolo Jones(!) – this new project might be taken more seriously by the general public.

My wife can't stand Nicolas Cage, and he's not my favorite actor, either. He's been in some good movies, though, and he's certainly not scared of any role. Nor does he shy away from movies with spiritual content (see: "World Trade Center").

I get the feeling this movie will be spectacular – whether a good or bad spectacular, who knows. But Nicolas Cage in a rapture movie has my attention for now.

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